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Diet to Go Coupons: $50 or 25% off in November 2016

Diet to Go Coupons and November 2016 Review

Diet to Go Coupons

Diet to Go Coupons

Get 20% off Your Purchase

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Get 20% off Your Purchase

Expires: Ongoing

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Diet to Go Review

Meal replacement programs have been known to be extremely effective for those looking at weight loss options as it provides a balanced and proportionate diet that can help many people attain the right nutrients necessary for a healthy lifestyle. For over 20 years, Diet to Go has been able to deliver amazing diet plans to their members. Their menus adhere to the nutritional guidelines as established by numerous major health organizations as well as the USDA. Diet to Go has hired some of the best chefs who will prepare the meals in their USDA-certified kitchens. They provide several pick up locations. Diet to Go provides different programs for consumers, and is rather affordable as far as meal replacement plans go. In addition, the Diet to Go coupon has been known to be able to help members save even more money!

What We Like:
Diet to Go provides three different types of plans to their members – the low-fat meal plan, the vegetarian meal plan, and the low-carbohydrate meal plan. All plans are compromised of 50% carbohydrates, 25% protein and also 25% fat. Each meal is generally low in calories, cholesterol and fat and sodium. They are also high in fiber. Members can choose between consuming 1200 and 1600 calories per day, and the diet plans are available for either 5 days or 7 days a week. Members can also choose between having all three meals prepared by Diet to Go or only having lunch and dinner prepared by them. Meals are shipped out weekly, or members can opt to pick up meals from a local pickup center.
What We Like:
Diet to GoFlexibility and Different Programs: Diet to Go is able to offer different types of meal replacement programs for those interested in losing weight – the low-fat meal plan, the vegetarian meal plan, and the low-carbohydrate meal plan. In addition, members are able to customize the calories in each plan, the amount of meals consumed, and also the type of dishes that they will be trying. There is a lot of variety in their menu.

Fresh Ingredients: All meals are prepared fresh from their USDA-certified kitchen in San Francisco and Northern Virginia. Meals are prepared fresh by some of the best chefs around; thus, ensuring that the meals are flavorful and tasty.

Convenience: All meals can either be heated with a microwave or an oven within several minutes. There isn’t a complex cooking process, and meals are literally ready to be consumed within minutes. Meals that do not require any heating will be labeled.

Substitution: Those who have different dietary preferences are able to attain substitutes in their diet. Those who have specific dietary preferences are able to contact the company, and get diet plans that are catered specifically to their needs.

Effectiveness: There have been numerous different types of success stories rising from Diet to Go, and they have lots of years of experience in helping others achieve their weight loss goal. They are considered as a reputable company.

Fresh Local Pickup: Those who live near a pickup area will be able to go to the kitchen to pick up their own meals instead of having the meals mailed to their doorsteps. This can be a lot more convenient for some members as they are able to receive their meals at the right time despite the complications that the delivery service in their area may encounter. Some members will also be able to save money that would have otherwise be spent on the delivery fee.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Diet to Go offers no-commitment programs to their members meaning that they can opt-out at anytime, and there is no membership fee involved. In addition, those who are not satisfied with the program will be able to receive a 100% money back guarantee from the company. They want to ensure that members are happy with what they get.

What We Don’t Like:

No Solid Online Support: Those looking for a support community won’t find exactly what they’re looking for with Diet to Go. The company focuses on catering to the individual experience, and does not create as much of a community as many members may have wanted.


Although it does not have much of an online support community, Diet to Go is great as it caters to the individual experience, and will be able to create meals that will be able to satisfy each member’s taste buds. They are able to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they are definitely considered as one of the better companies on the market due to their ability to provide prompt and useful customer service support. They have different meal replacement programs, and a lot of variety in their menu. Not only do they use fresh ingredients, but members are also able to pick up their meals if they want. They are able to provide an effective method for weight loss, and the Diet to Go coupon will be able to help members attain even better savings than before.

Diet to Go Coupons – 4.7 out of 5 based on 313 votes.