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Order Bowflex Max Trainer Reviews and Coupons – US & Canada – $150 Off

Bowflex Max Trainer Coupon Code – Save up to $150 on the M3, M5 and M7 with our exclusive coupons!

Max Trainer Coupons – US

$300 Off + Free Shipping + Free Mat on Bowflex Max Trainer M7

Expires: 02/01/17

$300 Off + Free Shipping + Free Mat on Bowflex Max Trainer M7

Expires: 02/01/17

$200 Off Max Trainer M5 + Free Mat + Free Shipping!

Expires: 02/01/17

$200 Off Max Trainer M5 + Free Mat + Free Shipping!

Expires: 02/01/17

Free Mat with Max Trainer M3 + Free Shipping

Expires: 02/01/17

Free Mat with Max Trainer M3 + Free Shipping

Expires: 02/01/17

Max Trainer Coupons – Canada

$300 Off + Free Mat + Free Shipping on Bowflex Max Trainer M7 (Canadian Orders Only)

Expires: 02/01/17

$300 Off + Free Mat + Free Shipping on Bowflex Max Trainer M7 (Canadian Orders Only)

Expires: 02/01/17

$200 Off Max Trainer M5 + Free Matt + Free Shipping! (Canadian Orders Only)

Expires: 02/01/17

$200 Off Max Trainer M5 + Free Matt + Free Shipping! (Canadian Orders Only)

Expires: 02/01/17

Free Mat + Free Shipping on Bowflex Max Trainer M3 (Canadian Orders Only)

Expires: 02/01/17

Free Mat + Free Shipping on Bowflex Max Trainer M3 (Canadian Orders Only)

Expires: 02/01/17


Bowflex MAX Trainer M3 & M5 Reviews:

Unique Features of Bowflex MAX Trainer M3

Bowflex MAX trainer m3The Bowflex MAX Trainer M3 is the hot favorite personal gym equipment these days. It is such an efficient and cost effective resistance trainer that professional gym owners also prefer to buy it in order to increase their clientele. The Bowflex MAX M3 trainer is packed with an extensive control feature which is managed by a dial button. The dial can be manipulated to set up various resistance levels. The footprints of this device are narrow due to which it has very less width. The gadget comes with a warranty period of one year which is impressive. It supports eight degrees of resistance adjustments which facilitate intense workouts. No noise production is another advantageous feature of the Bowflex MAX M3 due to which it can easily fit into any type of environment. The user can have full command over the Bowflex MAX M3 trainer due to its excellent grips.



Bowflex MAX Trainer M5 Scores a Perfect 10

bowflex MAX trainer m5The Bowflex MAX M5 might seem to somewhat more expensive than the Bowflex MAX M3 trainer, but it offers extra features that would be suitable your high scale requirement. The resistance trainer M5 from Bowflex has 8 additional resistance adjustments apart from the ones present in M3 trainer. So, those people who want to raise the exercising intensity bar to an even higher level would like this trainer very much. It is truly complete exercise equipment which doesn’t lack anything.

Apart from having a backlit type of display this Bowflex MAX M5 trainer is laced with a 4.0 Bluetooth. So, the techno-gadget lovers are going to love this exercise equipment. The monitoring of heart beating is also facilitated in this trainer. A person’s contact would be the primary input accumulation means for the integrated heart rate detection device. Due to this feature, the professional athletes can work up to their goal heart rate easily. Also, the people with minor heart problems who prefer workouts can easily monitor their heart rates while exercising so that it doesn’t exceed the safe limits. You could also set up your target exercising limits on this Bowflex MAX M5 trainer.

This device can easily be called as the `supreme exercising equipment’ because it offers such advanced features. Interestingly, the Bowflex MAX M5 trainer supports a total of 8 different types of exercising modes namely steady state, calorie burn, MAX Interval, Fat burn, Stairs, calorie goal, Smart MAX Interval and fitness test. Apart from these 8 distinct exercising modes the trainer device also supports manual mode in which the user can adjust the exercising parameters according to self customized requirement. The two years warranty promise is given by Bowflex for this highly advanced resistance trainer Bowflex MAX M5.


Bowflex MAX Trainer Video

Integrated Display Tool

The calorie burnout efficiency of Bowflex MAX M3 and Bowflex MAX M5 is much higher than any other contemporary exercising equipment in the market. No treadmill, elliptical training equipment or climber can match the efficiency of the Bowflex MAX M3 and M5 trainers. The high calorie burnout rate achieved by exercising on these trainers would definitely sculpt your body in no time. But exercising often requires a lot of motivation, isn’t it? That’s why the move by Bowflex of integrating the display tool that can give out a real time live analysis of your calorie burnout rate is really applaudable. The smart display integrated in the mechanical designing of Bowflex MAX M3 and M5 really provides motivation to the user while exercising. Workouts can’t get more interesting than this!

Advanced and Scientific Interval Training

Spending time on your Bowflex MAX Trainers can charge you up for whole day and you would burn more calories throughout the day due to the increased metabolic rate which in turn affects the calorie burnout efficiency for various daily activities. But all this happens because both the Bowflex M3 and Bowflex M5 trainers are integrated with the intensity workout module. Scientists and fitness experts have established the fact that changing the exercising intensity after every few minutes can highly increase the calorie burning efficiency of the body. That’s why Bowflex has smartly integrated the 14 minute long sessions of interval workouts.

With these interval workouts you would definitely experience an increment in your stamina and energy level. Also, your weight loss goals would be fulfilled in no time as interval training decreases your chances of reaching weight loss plateau. The Bowflex MAX M3 and M5 resistance trainers can help in increasing your body’s calorie burning efficiency during the workout by 2.5 times. That means in a meager 30 minute exercising session you would easily lose more than 600 calories. That’s why no other exercising equipment could compete with these two Bowflex trainers. Another important feature of these two trainers is that you can work out almost all body parts simultaneously which would eliminate the necessity of using separate exercise equipments. Majority of the body muscles can be easily toned with the usage of any of these trainers.

Supreme Durability and Compact Sizing

Bowflex is not just an exercising equipment manufacturer but it is a `huge brand’ which is preferred by most of the knowledgeable fitness gadgets’ buyers. Therefore you can expect only the best product quality from Bowflex. Both the trainers from Bowflex namely M3 and M5 have such an astonishing world class appeal because they are manufactured with advanced mechanical finesse. The strength of the mechanical parts of these trainers has been properly tested. All the parts of the Bowflex MAX trainers have high endurance and they are truly robust in nature. The users who have bought these trainers often exclaim how these trainers never break even if used for years. Bowflex is really assured of its products’ performance and quality.

Probably that’s why it provides a 100% money back guarantee with these two trainers too if you find any mechanical design fault with them. The sizes of the Bowflex MAX M3 and M5 trainers are really compact due to which they can be easily set up in home gyms with limited spacing. The Bowflex MAX M3 trainer has an added advantage of having small foot spacing due to which this trainer is even more compact than the M5 trainer. The Bowflex MAX M3 is just perfect to be placed in your living area in front of the TV. The compact sizing really increases the appeal of these resistance training gadgets.

bowflex MAX trainer review

Enjoy Convenient Order Placing and Affordable Shipping

The ordering of these Bowflex MAX trainers is very simple. You can place an order through their official website which is integrated with modern and safe payment methods like Master Card, Credit Card, Pay Pal etc. You would have to pay $150 for Bowflex MAX trainer M5 and $30 for Bowflex MAX trainer M3 in order to ship them to USA. But if you want to place an order from Alaska then you would have to pay $249 as shipping charges for both these trainers. Read on to find how you can reduce the shipping costs.

Impressive Discounts and Financing Options

Bowflex always launches online discount coupons for its trainer gadgets every now and then. So, you should use those Bowflex coupons to minimize the purchasing costs. Currently Bowflex is offering an awesome 17% discount on the purchase of its Bowflex MAX M3 trainer which actually costs around $1200. But if you buy soon then you can avail this discount which would bring down the cost of this trainer to $999 only. Bowflex also offers its own financing scheme for buyers to make their purchase comfortable. The buyers can pay the total costs of these trainers in 18 months without any extra costs or interest charges involved. Isn’t that awesome?

Although the Bowflex MAX M5 trainer costs around $1800 but presently Bowflex is offering a limited period discount offer of 11% due to which you could buy this gadget for just $1599. Apart from this, Bowflex has even launched a coupon code for its M5 trainer in which you would get absolutely free shipping. This discount coupon can be availed by using the Bowflex discount coupon code show above. This discount coupon code has to be declared while making the online payment.


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