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Five Healthy Recipe Ideas for Cheat Meal Options

Five Healthy Recipe Ideas for Cheat Meal Options

Dieting requires dedication, self control and smart planning so that it gives good results. But occasional cheat meals help in breaking the monotony of your routine. Most people go wrong with cheat meals because they think that cheat meal means that you can now go to the nearest fast food joint and have as many burgers helpings and pizza slices as you like. This is not the way to effectively use cheat meals in your diet plan. Cheat meals should be well planned beforehand so that they enhance the effect of your weight loss strategy rather than spoiling it. Indulging in an occasional cheat meal helps in motivating you and strengthening your will power for dieting.

Cheat meals are a source of providing mental peace as they help in controlling your mind. Cheat meals can be extremely interesting if you choose the right recipe according to your taste. It is always better to have a cheat meal that is home cooked so that there is no intake of unnecessary calories.

Here are five tasty recipe ideas which you can develop further and use as your healthy cheat meals:

1) Bread and Chocolate Recipe
bread and chocolateThis meal option is for you if you have a sweet tooth or enjoy having an occasional sweet treat. It is an extremely easy dish to prepare and it won’t take more than 12 minutes. You have to take few slices of wholegrain brown bread. Then sprinkle water on each of the slice to make it moist. Cut the corners of the bread slices and take some cocoa powder according to your taste. Mix some powdered milk into the cocoa powder. Make sure the powdered milk is low in fat. Then add some water into the mixture to make it slightly runny and mix it with spoon to make sure no lumps remain. Then soak the slices of bread in the liquid and refrigerate it. It will serve as a delicious dessert for your cheat meal which will be healthy too. The cocoa powder is a healthy replacement for calorie laden chocolate.

2) Bread Base Pizza
It is extremely difficult to control the temptation of biting into a cheesy hot slice of freshly prepared pizza. But when you are on a diet then you have to control that urge as you have to consider the amount of calories that are present in the voluminous cheese gratings and the pizza base. Therefore when you are planning out your cheat meal why don’t you satisfy that craving of yours with the help of homemade bread base pizza? You can use a wholegrain bread slice to serve as the pizza base. You can use baby corn, jalapenos, chicken pieces, shrimps, tomatoes and other healthy ingredients for the pizza topping. As for the cheese, you can use the low fat one in small quantities. Then you can bake it as you do for pizza generally. This healthy pizza will not make you gain unnecessary calories. This type of pizza can be consumed frequently as cheat meals because it is delicious as well as low in calories.

3) Egg Jalapeno Treat
This is a special recipe for egg lovers and it is not only a cheat meal, but it can be used as a regular meal option because it complies with the high protein meal theory completely. You can prepare this recipe as spicy as you would like by the addition of paprika, green chili sauce, black pepper and red chili powder. This is an extremely filling meal idea as well because the eggs are really a good source of protein. The egg yolk consists of most the unhealthy fats so you shouldn’t use that. The jalapenos added to the eggs taste delicious because the tangy flavor of the jalapeno gets mixed with the eggs properly. You have to shred some jalapenos or you can cut them really small. Then you have to scramble the egg into a pan along with jalapenos in very less butter which is low in fat. Then you can garnish it with beans and seasonings. You can even grate some low fat butter on the preparation. This dish is very high in protein and satisfies your craving for spicy food too.

4 )Wholegrain `Green’ Noodles
noodles and vegetablesNoodles are easy to cook and make for a quick meal when you don’t have the time to prepare an elaborate recipe from scratch. Noodles are extremely tasty and you can experiment a lot with a noodle recipe. You can even add stock to the noodles and prepare soupy noodles to make it healthier. Noodles can also serve as a nice cheat meal option when you are on a strict diet by making appropriate changes in the cooking. Instead of unhealthy two minute noodles, you can buy wholegrain noodles from the supermarket. You would be lucky if you could lay your hand on noodles made up of combination of whole grains and pulses. You can prepare the noodles by adding a lot of vegetables like broccoli, carrots, capsicum, onion and corn etc. You can even add beans to the noodles to increase the protein content of the meal. Chicken balls, boiled egg pieces and lean meat pieces will taste delicious with the noodles. This is a nice cheat meal option if you consider the portion size.

5) Yogurt Pudding for Dessert
This is another mouth watering sweet delicacy which you can enjoy in a guilt free manner as many times as you feel like having something sweet. This is really low in fat and carbohydrates. Therefore you can have this dessert on your regular dieting days too. This is very easy to make dessert which your family is surely going to love too. You have to take Greek Yogurt from Weight Watchers’ marketplace as it is high in protein and low in carbohydrate. Then you have to mix low fat milk powder in the yogurt. The quantity of the milk powder should be one fourth of that of the yogurt. Then you have to add a few drops of artificial sweetener and setting agent into the mixture. Mix it well and then add pieces of pistachio, almonds and walnut. Then mix the batter well and freeze it in a cup. Don’t forget to add a few pieces of your favorite fruits on top of the mixture. This frozen dessert tastes heavenly and it is very healthy too.