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Efficient High Protein Diets Lead to Guaranteed Weight Loss

Efficient High Protein Diets Lead to Guaranteed Weight Loss

Weight gain is a very common health problem that people struggle with. Lifestyle based weight gain is the most rampant and it affects people in more than one ways. Excess body fat plays havoc on one’s personality and it also brings along many diseases with it. Suddenly you will feel that you are not being taken seriously by other people and they are out casting you. That’s when you decide that you have to shed that gained weight with any means possible. The first thing that comes to the mind of an overweight person is dieting. But there are so many diets around you that you become confused about what would guarantee success in healthy manner.

So, here is the most effective diet for you that would surely slim you down i.e. High Protein Diet. This form of high protein diet is completely natural and the success rate with this diet is 99%. Even doctors recommend high protein diets for quick and maintainable weight loss. No matter whether you are a vegetarian or non vegetarian, high protein diets have vast meal options to satisfy your needs. One of the chief advantages of this diet is that unlike low carbohydrate diet, the weight lost is easily maintainable in this case.

What is High Protein Diet?
For those who aren’t aware with this form of dieting, here is an overview of this diet. High protein diet is actually a special form of dieting where the diet of the person includes huge amounts of protein in almost every meal. The other forms of nutrients like carbohydrates and fat are limited in this diet. The requirement of essential vitamins and minerals can be fulfilled by the consumption of low calorie fruits and vegetables with the high protein portions. It is also important that the choice of protein in this diet is such that only lean protein or the protein that this low in saturated fat is given preference.

Apart from people suffering from ketonuria, this high protein diet can be followed by everyone. This type of high protein diet keeps the glycemic index of the overall diet extremely low. The blood sugar level of the body is effectively maintained in this diet. This form of diet has been supported by the medical fraternity too if fruits and vegetables are properly included. If you follow high protein diet but don’t consume fruits and vegetables then your body can get malnutritioned. Therefore you must remember this. This diet provides very quick weight loss results and you can expect a weight loss of 1-5 pounds per week too.

What to Eat on a High Protein Diet
high protein dietThe high protein diet is very easy to incorporate in daily life because of the abundance of high protein food items. If you are a sort of person who feels that you can’t cope up with hunger pangs, then this diet is ideal for you. You would always feel satiated after every meal because the protein has the tendency to give a fuller feeling in the stomach even if you have consumed small portions of meal. This way you would actually not feel like cheating in this diet. The non vegetarians can choose food items like veal, fish, salmons, sardines, skinned chicken pieces, liver, eggs and lamb meat etc. For vegetarian people high protein diet can consist of wide variety of legumes, yoghurt, beans, soy, dry fruits, uncooked and sprouted pulses etc.

The incorporation of dairy is also essential with high protein diet so that there is no calcium deficiency in the body. Strict followers of high protein diet completely eliminate carbohydrates from their food which leads to accelerated weight loss. But the complete elimination of carbohydrates is not recommended by many dieticians due to health reasons. So, it is better that you include food items with good carbohydrates in small portions which have low glycemic index. Fibers are essential not only to keep the digestion proper, but also to provide a cooling effect to the digestive system.

How Do High Protein Diets Cause Weight Loss?
The mechanism by which the high protein diet causes weight loss is very interesting one and it has been proved by nutritionists also. The high protein diet is very low in glycemic index and therefore the blood sugar level of the person is relatively low for most of the day on the diet. This forces the body to break down the fat from the cells of the body and this is the chief reason of weight loss. The blood sugar level is maintained low in this diet because protein doesn’t release glucose in the blood after it’s broken down. The presence of low glycemic indexed carbohydrates in the high protein diet release very little amount of blood sugar and that too very slowly.

This doesn’t satisfy the body’s energy requirement which causes breakdown of body fat. The advantage of the high protein diet is that the muscle breakdown doesn’t occur in the body and it is mostly the body fat that burns. Another superficial manner through which the high protein diet causes weight loss is the feeling of satiety that the protein provides. This enables the dieter to survive on fewer calories without feeling hungry. There are also some claims that the consumption of greater quantity of proteins in the diet slowly converts the fat into muscle. This also makes the body look leaner.

Professional Guidance is Extremely Important
Although the high protein diet sounds very easy to follow and you may be tempted to start following it as soon as possible, but there is a glitch too. People must follow some professional guidance to indulge in the high protein diet to avoid any health related complications. You may not know about how much dietary protein you should take on a daily basis. Also, the form of the protein consumed and the effect of the type of protein on the quantity of the meal that should be consumed is also difficult to judge by self. Then there are diabetic people who require special changes in a normal protein diet to suit their health condition. All these factors call for a professional guidance from a weight loss service provider who specializes in this most beneficial high protein diet.