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Seven Foods that Boost Calorie Burning

Seven Foods that Boost Calorie Burning

Every person shares a very different kind of feeling and relationship for food. For some, food is a way of providing immense sensory pleasure. While others view the food as the dreadful enemy who always comes in between them and their social attractiveness because it is true that food can alter the body shape and size. Food is probably the most misrepresented pleasures of life and there is a strong need to remove the stigma attached with food that it causes weight gain. There is no food item on this earth which would make you fat if you have eaten in small portion sizes. In fact there are certain food items which overwhelmingly help you in burning calories just through their consumption. You would be amazed to find that many of these food items were already present in your kitchen cupboard and you never paid attention to them. Doesn’t that sound tempting enough?

Below is our Nutritional Consultant’s list of 7 great fat-burning foods:

1) Egg Whites
egg whitesPeople have the notion that eggs contain a lot of fat and they are not suitable for a dieter. But it is nothing more than a myth as eggs are actually very low on carbohydrates. The eggs contain large amount of protein and fat. But you can eliminate the fat content of protein by consuming only the egg white portion. The boiled eggs are the healthiest option to start a day. It is going to help you in burning calories because the eggs will keep your hunger at bay for unexpectedly long time due to their protein content. This will help you in cutting down the calories. The high protein content of the eggs will keep the body sugar levels low, thereby forcing the body to use its stored fat for energy.

2) Broccoli
Broccoli is probably the most popular green vegetable and you will always find it easily stored in your kitchen. Boiled broccoli is a very healthy meal for you if you want to burn some calories. This nutritious green vegetable will provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals too without being high on calories. Broccoli has good protein content but it isn’t very high too. The thing that keeps your stomach full after eating broccoli is the fiber content of the food. The high fiber content is difficult to digest and more calories are required in the process. You can add seasonings to make the meal more interesting.

3) Green Tea
Every nutritionist swears by this weight loss remedy. Green tea is regarded as the calorie burner because of its ability to boost the metabolism to a high level. Green tea is healthy for your body too unlike other forms of tea because it is rich in antioxidant which helps the body in eliminating out the toxins. Green tea can be consumed in the form of tea as well as extract form. As an effective weight loss aid, you must drink the green tea three times a day. It is also said that drinking a cup of green tea before consuming a meal triggers the fat burning mechanism of the body. Always make sure that you don’t add sugar or cream to the tea as its flavor is delicious in itself.

4) Sardines
Canned sardines which don’t have added salt are apt for burning calories and losing some weight. Non vegetarian dieters will find that sardines are one of the best picks for their meals because they are extremely healthy. You can find high lean protein content in sardines combined with low carbohydrate content. Sardines are the source of vitamin C and lot of other antioxidants which boost your immune system. The fat found in sardines consists of unsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids which are apt for a low calorie meal. Unsaturated fats should form a small portion of the meals of the dieter because these fats are good for the body.

5) Sprouts
sproutsPeople swear by sprouts when they are trying to lose weight because sprouts are an amazing food item which contains huge amount of lean protein i.e. protein with less fat. Sprouts can be prepared effortlessly at home with a variety of lentils. You can even store these sprouts in fridge for few days and add them to various meal preparations to increase the protein content of the meal. Sprouts are rich in protein a well as fiber and that is why it is a great hunger suppressant. Sprouts are the source of various forms of amino acids. You can add a dash of lemon and pepper to make delicious sprouts salad.

6) Oats
Whole grains often contain good form carbohydrates which have low glycemic quotient. When you consume whole grains, then you blood sugar level never rises abruptly due to the very slow digestion of these whole grains. Oats are superior to all types of whole grains because of their highest fiber content and lowest glycemic index value. Oats are extremely suitable for both diabetic dieters and non diabetic dieters. Rolled oats are the best and you can prepare porridge from these oats. They not only keep your bowel movements proper, but also aid in weight loss due to their low GI value.

7) Whole Grain Pasta
whole grain pastaPasta and pizza is something that everyone is very fond of. When you start with a weight loss program then it definitely crosses your mind that you will have to sacrifice your love for these delicious meals. But in fact, pastas can form a nice meal option for dieters too if they are made up of whole grains. Wheat pasta and other types of wholegrain pastas make for a wholesome meal which not only provides good carbohydrates but also satisfies your craving. Wholegrain pastas should be cooked for lesser time than is recommend so that the body burns more calories in digesting them. You will definitely experience weight loss if you eat portion controlled meals.

By making these food items a part of your weight loss diet, you can easily lose weight because you will be able to easily cut down your daily caloric intake without feeling hungry all the time.